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Name: Luke Age: 14 Date Joined: July 6th 2022 13:11 Timezone(optional): GMT+2

Character Name: Rapterizer Character Age: 16 Origin: Wolfwalker

Description: A teen that has been possessed by a powerful Demon whose taken control of the right side of his body now The Rift transformed him and his DNA. Rapter now looks like a werewolf wearing a lumber jack shirt with torn up jeans and red sneakers. He has a pretty neat belt with a golden buckle. His right eye is corrupted and completely red while his left eye is green.

Backstory:Rapter used to live in a rather apocalyptic world when he found a Rift between worlds, a Rift between his world and anothers. Rapter jumped through the Rift where he left behind his horrible lonesome world only to find himself in Sunderfirth and that this Rift was a Rift in The Pall itself. Rapter now lives in Sunderfirth, a world of wonders and beauty but Rapter living in a Dark and lonely world for so many moons the Rift transformed his DNA and turned him into a Wolfwalker. Rapter grew to love the Darkness and read plenty of books about Demons, Spirits, Souls, Dimensions, Realms, Portals and Rifts to other Dimensions/Realms/Worlds, Black Magic, Blood Magic and even a little White Magic he also read up on alot of paranormal stuff like Aliens, SkinWalkers, Crawlers, Humanoids, Reptilians etc. Although since Rapter now lives in Sunderfirth he can't rlly put much of his knowledge to use. When Rapter walked out of the Rift into Sunderfirth he could immediately feel a change in his body... he had this sudden urge to howl at the moon and immediately transformed into a wolf. Rapter looked around once his whole little wolf howling session was over and he found himself in a desert but not just any desert... a floating island desert called the Ancient Desert claimed/owned by the Golden Sands Empire. After exploring the desert for a while he came to find a tower surrounded by what seemed to be a canyon. Rapter went all the way to top and all the way back down and found nothing but an elevator and some food, but as he was leaving he stumbled upon Haruki who invited him to join The Golden Sands Empire, Rapter agreed but a few days later he vanished only to return many moons later acting like nothing happened.

Goal: To improve all the bridges leading to islands

Nation: Golden Sands Empire

Extra info: I was possessed by a Powerful Demon called Botis/Otis whom is the 17th Demon of the Ars Goetia and we stumbled upon each other on my previous world

Minecraft Realm Lore lol

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