For teachers working at schools in lower income areas, what are the most critical gaps in your schools and classrooms? Supplies, nutritious food, something else?

Work ethic.

Students are coming from situations where government is providing so much to the families that students don't understand that working hard is a path out from their situation.

Had a student completely befuddled a couple years ago. Somehow he came around to asking incredulously why I paid for my house. I said something to the effect that if I didn't no one would. He said the government pays for everyone's house.

Furthermore, our district is onboard with this mentality. They have provided "training" on teaching those in poverty. One thing we learned is that going to jail is seen as a time out from their situation. Also, spending money on name brand sneakers, game systems, etc. is okay as it provides poor families a sense of control over their situation.

Meanwhile, my own children don't understand why they don't have what some of their friends have.

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