For those that don’t follow non-GME investing subs, things are starting to spill over. Comments are filled with “rational” explanations for why this might happen. The impending crash is going to catch so many regular investors with their pants down. Ugh.

Related ape pro-tip:

Apply a custom tag to shills, bots and any bad actors when you notice them. I actually took the time to tag pretty much every active poster on the meltdown sub (was bored on a Sunday waiting for 4am Monday). Now the melties are super easy to spot in all the investment subs spreading misinfo or negativity about GME, apes, or moviestonk. I feel like if more of us had these types tagged it'd help to avoid getting duped into debating or debunking them when they're out FUDing up the place. It's time consuming but is worth it the first time you see a tagged melty trying to bait or argue and can just ignore and move on (or call them out on it).

Did learn a bit about them while tagging. Yeah a lot are trolls, guilty paperhands, or shills but there's a good number that are shilling it up on one hand while talking about being ready to buy GME at the first sign of the squeeze on the other.

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