For those INTP's who believe in God...

Seems you don’t know Ti. It connects and organizes and compares things internally to satisfy the individual. Ti isn’t very good at organizing and connecting and comparing with other people’s ideas. Seriously this is my last reply. You’ve yet to add anything to the Original post. I’ve not read your opinion. Do you have one or just like to bash others? INTPS are notorious for sharing incomplete ideas, so why bash in an INTP sub when you can expect just that?

I’m baffled by the immaturity expressed in this sub. I’m sure we all went through our existential crisis out of high school but why is this somehow the place for it. I genuinely believe we intps are the most misunderstood, especially by ourselves. What part of being an INTP pushes you to be rude by continually putting down someone’s ideas and calling them out when you’ve yet to share any of your own or deconstruct mine in any way that doesn’t immediately suit yourself. Now I will add that I have a particularly well developed Fe compared to a lot of intps, and probably a slightly less active( read not impotent) Ti. But surely you’ll have a retort to that as well. I’ve seen this behavior before, oh yes, or commander in chief exhibits these qualities.

You see you could have provided all of the same counters (albeit weak ones) by not instantly opposing. Join the conversation, add to it, extrapolate and get out. It’s what we do? Not delve into someone’s quickly typed responses looking for critical insights into how they think and how dumb they are compared to you. I really wonder about the P you claim to have, I’d go as far as to say it’s a little j instead

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