For those seeking ascension from Ubuntu, Mint, or other beginner-friendly distros

We are never prepared for something new , this has to do with how much time, patience you want to spend learning these new things. I remember myself trying to install redhat in 97, with no documentation. I had no time to look for it? Therefore I couldn't install it, so I ended up with a suse installation, then I thought,ok I just want to give it a try again and while reading I came across with Gentoo and Slackware. Found at that time that slack was a real pain in the ass and finally decided to focus on Gentoo, took a few days, as probably everybody I wrote my own installation doc for future references . It's 2019 and I am using Ubuntu at the moment. I have my vms in there my IDEs , that's all I need now. So again I think this has to do with how much of your time you want to spend trying something than not being prepared.

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