For those who are struggling right now, this is important.

I love this so much. Mormon teachings are just wrong wrong wrong. My whole life was changed because of a series of events and people around me (people who were in one way or the other involved) pretty much told me that I am wrong about trying to figure out why these things happened. I was also told that in the most hardest time, when I mention something from my past that I am not able to let go.

My past is part of me and when now I don't know how to pay my bills and feel desperate I do think it is natural that sometimes memories of the easier times come up. I am not dwelling in them, it's not possible to change what happened and I moved on.

But for Mormons everything bad which happened must be forgotten. The same goes when your partner abuses you. If you can't forgive and forget the next week then it turns you into bad person.

I guess the same applies to their treatment of Mormon history.

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