for those who got a j pouch due to ulcerative colitis, how many meds did you try before having surgery?

How long have you had your pouch? Have you thought about pouchitis treatment? I take cipro/Flagyl has worked for 2 years and is now starting to become less effective. I tried Humira and was not response so I am on Remicaide now which seems to help. As far as running out of meds there’s still Stelera, and more. Also, more will come out over time, prednisone is a must however for me oral prednisone does not work it takes a few days of IV steroids and IV Cipro/Flagy. Ofcoarse they want to discuss Surgery. They aren’t in our shoes! It’s the easy way out for them and makes treating us less complicated. Everytime im hospitalized (a lot) they discuss removing my pouch. Nope, I am hanging onto it unless things get really really bad and I just can’t live with it. Hope this helps, don’t give in just because they recommend surgery is all I wanted to say. Especially if it’s somewhat new as in 2/4 years. It took me 3/4 years to control my bowel movements but things do get better. Seriously if you haven’t considered you may have pouchitis that’s something to look into.

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