For those who haven’t contracted COVID-19 after almost 3 years, how do you do it?

Honestly…. I think I’m lucky (knock on wood). I am fully vaccinated and have been since February 2021. I was able to get vaxxed early because at the time I was working at a doctor’s office to get myself through college. I got the booster when it was available to me, as well. I was diligent about wearing a mask during the mandate, but when my state (Maine) dropped the mandate in many places, I briefly stopped wearing my mask in public. I say briefly because I probably went into a grocery store/ target like 3 times maskless. I have since started wearing my mask 100% of the time again, though. I think I have only been to two large gatherings, which made me feel guilty. One was over the summer at an outdoor bar that was very packed and the other time was at another outdoor bar that was not as busy. The biggest reason I think I’m just lucky though is because I am a first year teacher at the largest urban high school in my state. You’d think it’s a covid Petri dish, but I have somehow dodged the illness. Maybe it’s not just luck, but I feel like I have been in situations where covid would be rampant. I guess my biggest advice would be to wear a mask diligently and get vaccinated. For the love of god get vaccinated if you can. And don’t be like me and let your guard down. I will not be partying at all in the foreseeable future.

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