For those who have left/gone no-contact, what was the last straw?

I've never wanted to resume contact. The Ns are bad people and things are better without them. Peaceful-er. There were some flying monkeys. And I realized that a few people were passing on information even though I'd asked them not to. One flying monkey even made a new email address to try to get to me. There have been tough moments and things are still better without them. Dealing with other people's complete lack of understanding and projection in reaction to me choosing NC is frustrating and interesting to observe. I don't talk about it often with people as I don't care to hear people's reactions. People don't get it. Or I can tell they only want to hear about it because they like drama and hope that there is drama. It's just been so long. It just is. I could go on but I would say a lot is knowing that this is best for me.

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