[For Trade] Hip hop (MF DOOM/ALC/Roc Marciano/Mavi/etc), anime (bebop/evangelion/berserk/etc) & misc, looking for evangelion OST


For Sales Rules

All sales posts are required to contain location, shipping price, and asking price for each record listed for sale as text within your post. Please note that sales posts should NOT simply contain a link to your discogs sale or ebay auction. If you are interested in completing sales elsewhere, a link may come only after meeting the criteria above, and no personal sites. Sellers are required to pay the G&S fee.


No Flipping

We don't want this place to become flooded with people looking to flip the latest in demand release. To that end, we do not allow people to sell releases <3 months old for more than a 10% markup. If you want to buy or sell new releases at market value, ebay and discogs are where you should do so. This rule doesn't apply to trades, just sales.

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