For the women out there, has your religion failed you because of your gender?

Yes, my religion failed me in every way, shape, and form as a woman. The way the Mormon church is set up it automatically puts men in a higher position of authority over women in all aspects. This is especially true in the leadership of the church, from the local level all the way up to the prophet of the church. It's all men. Women are allowed to hold certain positions in the church, be it a primary teacher or primary president, or a young woman president etc. However, even in those positions, the women don't hold the priesthood and report to a man, who has authority over them. Furthermore, it is a man who appoints them and removes them from these positions.

I was born and raised in the church. From the time I can remember, I was taught that men and women had "different, but equal roles." I was raised, and I believe groomed, to believe that my sole purpose in life was to get married in the temple and give birth to as many children as I could. My responsibility would be to raise them as a stay at home mom, and be my husband's support. Men, however, could do more. Men could hold the priesthood, have a career, get married, and have children. No one ever asked me if I wanted a career. When I brought it up with the adults in my life, they always told me I could have a career as long as I made being a mother a priority.

In my opinion, the church structure, teachings themselves, community, and leaders are inherently sexist. They put men in positions of power and try to convince women they have equality. Women are conditioned to not question their place, as it's "the way God designed it." To question these norms is to go against God and his "church." No matter how much the church tries to spin it, I was failed as a woman by the church. In more ways than I can possibly articulate here.

To your second question, these experiences did play a role in why I left the church earlier this year.

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