It's for your safety...

We already covered this, and I showed you that it wasn't that clear.

The search results clearly showed it as an alt-right rally. Ignorance of what that means is a poor excuse.

In my youth I attended many left-wing rallies. I NEVER researched them. A friend invited me, and I asked what it was protesting against, and I went. That's it. That's what many people do.

I know for a fact that this is what many many other protestors do, as well. Otherwise people like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro wouldn't have big protests at their events.

Seems crazy to me to rally without knowing the cayse, but I concede its possible.

I already addressed this. I won't address it again. It's just too repetitive. You're at an all-weekend music festival - it's 100% possible that there is a group of shitty people on one side of the concert or that showed up at one time during the festival that you absolutely never come into contact with. This was a multi-day event. There was at least one tame day without any of this nonsense.

Well... yeah. Music festivals aren't organized by those shitty people and advertised specifically for that subset of shitty people. Apples to oranges.

I think well just have to respectfully agree to disagree.

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