Forbes: "Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's Cosmetics And Microtransactions Are Hot Garbage" Keep this up guys!

Holy shit, with the hysterics.

First of all, whether or not a person is whining has nothing to do with the conversation. The guy said that he literally wouldn't know the game has purchasable cosmetics if not for reddit, and that is complete bullshit. It's not about one guy not whining about cosmetics. It's about a guy pretending like they are so hidden that he didn't even know they are there, which is a lie.

Second, "villify him"? Really? If you think people disagreeing is villifying, then you really didn't learn how to deal with conversation in a mature way. People disagree sometimes. That doesn't mean they are villifying the person they disagree with.

I hope you cringe about your comment long before you become an adult.

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