Foreign filmmakers sell Nepal as a paradise of ‘sob stories’

La bhai Dashain homework bhayo hai ta timilai. Find ONE other thing good about Nepal.

Ama bau le kati dukha garera padhaako hola chhoro ramro padhos, Nepal ma matra haina sansar kai manche sanga compete garna sakos bhanera.

Choro chai capable bhaye afno bhanera dhanya hunu bhanda edgy bhayera reddit ma full on English ma 'K cha ra Nepal ma good?' bhandai afno inferiority/ superiority complex dekhaudai cha.

I say people like our parents who would sacrifice everything for the better of their children at least deserve to be called one of the things good about Nepal. Would you agree with me?

And, today is the start of Dashain. Ask expats over here if that could count as another thing or not.

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