Forever Starting Over

I had the same impuls when I first played, except I tried not to research too much in advance so I probably made more mistakes and found out about them later than you did... But after starting over a few times I decided that I would not do that anymore and stick with it, like a sort of test-run/adventure.

You can always start another one, so why do it after every small or big mistake... So I played a 2 year game, without doing much research, making mistakes, barely finished the community center... Had a lot of funny surprises and it turned out I missed a lot too. No problem, the second and third playtrough I had a more detailed plan, knew who I wanted to marry, what seeds I wanted to plant first and what secrets I wanted to look for, etc. and this was a much more succesfull game where I had more money and time for things like design of the farm.

Both games were fun, so my advice: If you don't feel like starting over after every 'mistake', don't, just go with it, there is always next day, next season, next year...

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