Forget Subway Tokens, Here is a Real Old NYC Gem! (other side in comments)

Lol, the look on my face is priceless. The photo was taken after the dance (she's completely nude sitting on my lap).

Nice lady, sad for all her struggles honestly. Almost no one goes into stripping/porn because they've had a good life is my guess. My old roommates are ashamed of their past, I have to remind them of the fact it was just a job that allowed them to move forward in life and pay their bills. They had no one to fall back on.

Crazy world sometimes.

My biggest regret is this gorgeous stripper who I'd wait on (as a restaurant server). She'd always come in and hit on me and leave me $20 tips (her and her friend's check was $12-14 for comparison, ~1996). I went to her club with friends for a birthday party. She was there and said hi. I was like holy fucking shit, I really missed out. Had a gf at the time though.

I think that's one of my two biggest missed fun opportunities (have a list of hundreds though probably, borderline fucking autistic here). The massage lady that used to come into my pizza place who'd offer me free massages was another fun one. Terrified the hell out of me as a 19 year old. She was probably 30-33ish. Stunning. She'd even get the girls I was friends with at work to try to get me to go see her.

I want to relive 18-25 year old me. Lol, help my young sheldon ass make some better choices!

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