They forgot about Bastion! Recon and Assault would be two forms/ configurations?

Honestly my problem with this conversation is that I feel like people are being obtuse about it for no reason. Do you reeeeeally count those as different forms?

Ramattra sounds like he is going to switch to at the very least an entirely different weapon if not a different moveset at the press of a button. No rooting in place, no catch or limitation. Just literally changing forms to a different playstyle indefinitely on a whim. I can understand the argument for Bastion but his second form has a limitation to it (being rooted in place before, and now being on a timer), and therefore isn't really "switching" forms. Just using an ability.

But Baby Dva and Winston i'm sorry just are not even close lol. Both of them no longer have access to their entire kit when changed, and in Dva's case is the weakest hero in the game when she is de-mech.

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