Formatting Test Mega-Thread

Hi guys! I've got these Pokemon for you! Comments comments comments.


  • Giveaway closed!
  • Giveaway started at roughly 5pm PST time! Open for at least an hour, probably two.

Giving away these babies!

Qty Pokemon Nature Ability Egg Moves Notes
?? Furfrou Impish Fur Coat Captivate, Mimic, Refresh, Work Up 5iv
So here's what you do
  1. Put up a Luvdisc on GTS and ask for any of the pokemon, lv1-10.
  2. Put your Reddit name as your GTS trade message! This lets me know it's you.
  3. Include your trainer name in your post, the gender & level of your Zigzagoon, and what Pokemon you're asking for. I send through the inbox where I can't see your flair.
  4. Example: Marie, male lv 3 Zigzagoon, depositing for Furfrou
  5. Works with ORAS AND XY! I am sending from XY.
  • Don't forget to set your flair if you haven't done it yet! It's on the right navbar, right under the Subscribe button! Otherwise Automoderator will remove your post automatically. (I have no control over this.)
  • Format: 0000-0000-0000 | IGN: Misty
  • PSA: There is an official IRC chatroom[+] for PokemonGiveaway. Come and hang out with us!

Giveaway closed! No more requests accepted!

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