Formatting Test Mega-Thread


Giving away Adamant Dhelmise, Quiet Sandygast, plus some Wingull left over from earlier. No gender requests please.

Ball Pokemon Gender Nature Level Ability Egg Moves IV Amount
Wingull Mixed Bold 1 Hydration Wide Guard 3-5 6
Dhelmise NA Adamant 1 Steelworker None 3-5 12
Sandygast Mixed Quiet 1 Water Compaction None 3-5 21

The Rules:
  • 1. Deposit before commenting! If I can't find your Pokemon immediately you'll have to make a new comment at the top.
  • 2. Deposit a catierpie, metapod, lebyda, or rattata onto the gts (can be found on route 1).
  • 3. Ask for your desired Pokemon and level lock 1-10.
  • 4. Set the GTS message to: I want to fill my Pokedex with other languages.
  • 5. Make a comment with the name of the Pokemon you've deposited (+it's Level, gender, your IGN), as well as what pokemon you want.
  • 6. If your Pokemon gets sniped, you'll have 10 minutes to redeposit after I post that your Pokemon got sniped. Otherwise you'll have to make a new request at the top.
  • 7. You may take one of each pokemon, but you have to wait ten minutes before requesting the second from when I sent the first.

Warning: I will skip you (or warn you) if you don't follow these rules!

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