Former Christians of reddit . What made you lose your faith?

When I slowly shifted towards understanding the Bible’s as mythology. Let me get something clear off the bat. By referring to it as mythology I am reducing God the physical being that roams the interplanetary system down to consciousness/humanity. When I read the Bible in this context I find many great messages that are useful that depict some sort of truths about humanity and qualities of our consciousness. In essence I’ve turned to pantheism as a way to understand God or in other words myself and those around me.

Where I lost faith was that I didn’t need to have faith anymore. Everything is what it is and you take into account the reality of your situation that all these great fables and stories are things we all deal with in some shape or form.

When I stopped going to the church was when I started getting weird looks as I grew to question and challenge many of the pastors. Many of my so called friends gave me odd looks for sharing my system of understanding. There was also an incredible amount of manipulation from the leaders to do the work they are getting paid to do. Anytime I see a church I just see a pastor that has many convenience friends.

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