A Former Cop On What Went Wrong In McKinney -- Warrior VS Guardian mindset and it's affects on society

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I've seen the usual, people smoking crack behind the dumpster, people fucking behind bars, whatever. This was the worst, still: Lady left her son, no more than 6 years old, in my store by himself. He comes crying to me after a while that he lost his mommy. I told my employees and the security guard what was up, and we took off to look for his mommy. My store was in a fairly large shopping center, and we finally find her all the way at the other end, coming out of another store. This woman was at least 8 mos pregnant, just ready to pop. The little boy yells, "Mommy!" and we go walking up to her. This bitch lays into him, "I fuckin' told you to stay in that goddamn store!" and just starts beating the shit out of her young son. In the middle of the parking lot. Hitting him with her hands, open and closed, objects, you name it. And just screaming at him. I tried to intervene but I may as well have not even been there. I told the security guard what happened, and went back to my store. When the woman came back (because she left her dozens of shopping bags in my store along with her young child) I asked her to collect her stuff and to not return or I would be calling the police, and told her I was not a babysitter or a storage facility. She tried to get in my face and call me racist and shit, but then the large, black security guard came to back me up. I have NEVER wanted to hit a pregnant woman before that day.

Edited Edit: WOWWW. Okay, Reddit. I don't know where you all live, but I live in the south. Reporting someone hitting their kid to the police is literally going to do nothing. I only know this fact because I've tried, and was chastised for doing so. I reported to my weekend security guard, who is an off duty police officer. Even he said nothing would be done by calling the cops. He kept eye on her when he came across her. There really isn't anything I can do about it now, and I'm the one who has to live with that. I came from a similar environment as this child, and I was only let down by CPS and the police. The only people I remember helping me were civilians that noticed the signs and gave me kind words. I'm sorry I was a 19 year old kid who was fucked over by the system herself and didn't know any better.

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Why didn't you call the police? She's clearly abusing her son and she'll probably abuse the baby she was about to have as well.

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Yeah, because calling the police would make a lick of difference.**

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