Former financial adviser had me move my 401K ($560,000.00) into cash. With the market downturns should I leave the money in cash or is now a good time to get back in?

50’s and cashed up (stable fund) my 401k in July 2021. Top was obvious. Didn’t think JPOW was going to be so stupid to miss inflation this bad so missed the year end manufactured run up. Still way ahead of the game right now.

I was looking to buy back in around 3600 which was like a day, missed it. I learned picking a bottom is going to be impossible. After breaking 3900 today went ahead and put 10% back in SPY. Expecting to lose on that but couldn’t sustain 100% cash any longer. Makes DCAing impossible.

Near 3600 is another buy point for me. 10-20%. So still 70% cash.

The next stop I see is 3200 and would load up SPY 40% more then continue to buy on the way up. At this time Bonds ought to be good enough to go back into again so that’s where the rest will go.

Sure we could get below that but gonna be close enough to this Goldilocks scenario in my head.

Fed Ex was not a good sign. JPOW staying hawkish not a good sign. There are no good signs. Get Bent, “the consumer is strong.” Even without a hard landing too many headwinds to break out to highs anytime soon.

TLDR: probably not a bad idea but be FN READY to buy if we get some carnage we won’t stay low for long. And, doubtfully we’re going to break out to all time highs anytime soon. Haven’t FOMOed in 15 months. GL

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