Former Intelligence Officer confirms alien bases on earth

The "aliens are tried of Human's bad behavior" trope is where I jump off the boat here.

For my money, some alien engineered humans to be pretty much as we are.

Think for a moment if you'd get angry at your dog for barking and shitting in the yard? Yeah I guess, but for the most part you understand that dogs bark and shit in the yard and humans are no different.

Aliens having bases on earth is plausible. Since the planet is billions of years old, it stands to reason that dozens of 'alien' civilizations could have risen and fallen on our planet---and faded into dust before our ancestors were single-celled organisms.

The best view of an alien-helped-humanity would be that we were designed and produced for some purpose and we are being cultivated for something that could be either banal or extraordinary.

Humans arising naturally, then making contact with malignant aliens I think would have resulted in extinction.

If some aliens showed up to earth in 1984 and decided "I don't like the way these people do things." my honest reaction to that is 'don't let the oort-cloud hit you in the ass on your way out of the system'

The thinly-veiled social commentary that always beats the "humans = bad" drum is a dead giveaway that the creator of this fiction is playing to the base supporters of new age alien believers and in no way represents what you'd expect from an actually alien agenda.

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