Former mayors of Toronto pen letter to Mayor John Tory, urging him to reject strong-mayor powers

You're right I don't want to discuss ethics but I haven't made a single thing up.

Everybody in a city has the right to vote for a representative on city council to deliberate legislation for the entire city so it's precisely a democratic election

No matter how many times you repeat this it's not true. For the last time, The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled on this and their decision was 100% clear in saying that municipalities have no independent constitutional status. I suspect you don't know what this means, so I'll make it simple - there is no right for municipalities to have elections or to even be democratically run. That is what the constitution (actually written, not "unwritten rules") says and that's what the Supreme Court of Canada says. There is no higher court, the decision can't be appealed, and it will never change unless the constitution is amended.

I feel no need to entertain your hypothetical 2nd paragraph because you're starting with the faulty premise that municipalities are democratically run.

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