Former Seahawks OG James Carpenter will make $6,805,000 next year. The current Seahawks starting O-line will make $6,772,787.

A lot of those draft picks hit. Your head coach and GM just don't seem to think offensive lineman deserve second contracts. I mean seriously look at what they've done with their draft picks since Cable got there in 2011.

In 2011 they drafted James Carpenter and John Moffit in rounds 1 and 2. Carpenter starts for the Jets and Moffit retired despite being a starter for the Broncos.

In 2012 they didn't draft a single offensive lineman. They did however draft JR Sweezy and successfully convert him to a starting guard. He is currently under contract with the Bucs.

In 2013 they drafted Ryan Seymour and Michael Bowie in the 7th round. Bowie is currently under contract with the Giants (reserve/future contract) and Seymour was on the Cowboys practice squad last year. About what you'd expect from a couple 7th rounders.

In 2014 they drafted Justin Britt in the second round. He started at right tackle his rookie year and struggled quite a bit with pass protection. He has since been moved to center where he played most of last season. I consider it a relatively successful pick.

In 2015 the Hawks wiffed big time taking Terry Poole and Mark Glowinski in the 4th round. Poole was cut and signed by the Miami. Glowinski sucks. However, he is still with the team because Pete and John got rid of everybody else I've named except Britt.

Which brings us to 2016. As you know the Germain Ifedi was taken round 1. He was a starter from day one and did okay in his rookie year. He had high expectations and didn't quite reach them but he was probably the best player on the line for the Hawks last year. After that, Rees Odihiambo and Joey Hunt were drafted in the 5th and 6th rounds.

That also doesn't take into account Russell Okung or Max Unger. Both players were on the roster in 2011 when Cable was brought in as the OL coach. Unger is a Pro Bowl center for the Saints. Okung is the starting left tackle for the Broncos.

Bottom line is Pete and John don't give out second contracts to offensive lineman.

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