Former Spies on Nunes Memo: Underwhelmed, Unconvinced

"The insidious thing about the document is that it uses a trick that the Russians use quite often."

Registered Democrat (formerly… currently independent) here to talk about what happened and why this whole thing is so ridiculously funny to anyone who reads as much news as I do. Notice I used the word “reads” not “watches”. I’ve got aggregates, forums, sources, and I spend an average of 4 hours a day reading everything I can. I also have a healthy dose of skepticism (thanks to Dads subscription to “The Skeptical Inquirer” and “The Journal of Improbable Results” not to mention some gifted teachers along the way.)

Censorship. What I always notice is what gets buried. Theories about the JFK assassination aren’t buried forever. They live, forever, in the psyche of the public. Movies are made, books are written, and it has become a joke. Like Jimmy Hoffa, UFOs, and DB Cooper, people are always going to wonder.

Censorship. Real censorship is hard to find. Project Greek Island, MKUltra, Nayirah’s Testimony, Scientology… all examples of real events that took decades to come out, and when they finally DID no one cared or believed them!

Censorship. Follow the trail. Pizzagate was banned and removed within days, yet a hundred other sexual perverse and violent/racist forums existed (and still exist?) What were they afraid of? Some claim a person shot a handgun into the asphalt of the parking lot, and that reddit was to blame; yet Redpill increases in membership and the correlation with Elliot Rodger still persists? Seems extreme doesn’t it?

Censorship. Worldnews, USnews, and most news parts of reddit have consciously filtered out the FISA memo. Why? It’s only 3 pages long! It’s only a summary of the full document, but why does it scare so many people?

CONSPIRACY. I read the original Steele Dossier (again, very short, less than 20 pages, easily available) and the FISA memo (3 pages) and the majority of the media (reddit included) doesn’t want anyone to read AT ALL. Why? Why not let people wax stupid if stupid things are so unbelievable? Why not let crazy people look crazy when they talk about pedophilia rings in Hollywood, since they don’t exist? Why not laugh, and have at it, like they do with all the other silly topics?

EGO. Embarrassment and bruised egos, elections and promises, mass media microphones and silent censorship. The Democrats are no better than the Republicans, but this time it was they who were caught. They can’t say they were bluffing, so they double down. Like any good poker player would! The ante was called, the raise was made, the bluff was called, now they put in all their chips. They believed they had control of American politics. That their candidate would win. That by subtle manipulation, the public would believe that Clinton would win. That there’s no way she couldn’t! How could the smartest people on the planet, with the most control, ever be wrong about anything?

Transparency. Clinton lost because of a shitty campaign, and a poor candidate.

E-mails were phished (easily done) but no one read them (pizzagate?). Who has the time to read them all?

The DNC was corrupt (but ruled by the courts to be an independent establishment that does not require votes to make a decision). How many people read the court outcome there?

Seth Rich (et al)… what a rabbit hole that is!

All I hear about this “Russia” bullshit is… Russia does bad things. OK, I agree. How does that help the problem at hand.

The real conspiracy is why the liberal media won’t just admit they all fucked up? They bet on the horse that lost, but now they’re blaming the bookies, the track, the weather, the jockey, the time of day, and now the Russians.

As a (former) bleeding heart (I’m still pretty liberal) I have to say this. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MOVE ON. You thought you won the poker game, you bluffed your way to the end, and you got beat. Don’t blame the dealer, a stacked deck, or the shoes you wore to the table. Least of all, don’t keep going on this Russian bullshit.

"Trump might be involved in a criminal conspiracy with Vladimir Putin."

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