Formerly lazy people, what things did you do to overcome your laziness?

How I lost a 120 pounds; kept it off for 6+ years(&counting) and transformed myself financially by building my own business from scratch.

  1. Be the person who is both patient and disciplined.

  2. Be on time or better yet be early.

  3. Always maintain the right attitude; body language; and proper attire (for the situation)

  4. You don't need ego, you need confidence. Know the difference.

  5. Listening; Reading; Watching; and Doing are the ways we learn. You need understand how you learn; Then learn what's important to you.

  6. Be prepared. Plan ahead; do you research. This will save untold head ache.

  7. Pick and choose your battles, but always face the fire when you do.

  8. Your body is a temple. Eat well and Exercise you will be rewarded.

  9. Your best weapon is your mouth learn how to use it.

  10. Take what is yours and share the rest.

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