Fort Worth N95 Mask Company Initially Discarded As Tarrant County Supplier

Doesn't this mean that there are now two companies in North Texas manufacturing N95 masks, neither of which can get a government contract to be a preferred supplier?

United States Mask Prestige Ameritech

Chinese masks must be pretty cheap. US Mask prices for 40 work out to $2.25/mask or $1.75 at the sale price. Costco offers N95 regularly for $3.20/mask when you buy 100 masks. US Mask sells boxes of 40 masks so it is easier to buy that quantity. That is about what you could buy before the pandemic at any Lowes or Home Depot in the safety aisle - boxes of 25-50 masks for not a lot of money. I had my shop stocked with them because I do a LOT of sanding of wood and metal and breathing that stuff is not good for you.

Anyway. Interesting story. Thanks for the link.

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