Fortnite Battle Royale

Unfortunately, we've had to remove your post.

Low-Effort/Low-Quality Humor Is Not Allowed.

We all enjoy a good laugh, especially about Fortnite! We have a high standard for humor; attempts at humor need to have some effort put into them so that the community can find more value in discussing and developing any humor created on our subreddit.

Humor must be original/user created

  • This means that all humor must be created by you, and not a template, formula or something similar. Show off your creativity!
  • No low resolution, pixelated or "deep fried" images, gifs or videos.

Humor can't be simple "pastes"

  • This means copy and pasting assets from Fortnite onto something non-game related is not allowed. If it took you a few minutes to make, it is likely not high quality.
  • There has to be a minimal level of effort into creating something new.
  • If something was made in Paint and is noticeably done so, it is subject to removal.

Humor posts can't overly saturate the front page

  • If the community is overwhelmingly jumping on board to a new meme/topic, and it becomes a trend that floods the subreddit, they are eligble to be removed as low effort/spam posts.
  • If they become too commonplace as a trend they will be eligible to be removed as spam/low effort.
Humor is subject to moderator discretion.
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