Found this in Amsterdam. The Dutch are getting real with us.

Trump is going to win and no amount of butthurt from foreigners can stop it.

When Hillary takes the DNC nomination we will see the most beautiful shitshow in the history of modern US politics. Now the liberals opinion is that Hillary sweeps it because they think Trump has alienated women and minority voters. They think women will rally around Hillary like black voters rallied around Obama. But that's not true, Hillary is counting on enthusiasm she doesn't have. People are expecting Obama tier turnout for her and it isn't realistic. If this email thing gets serious, a lot of independents and even some dems will stay home.

Trump is going to go places that other candidates wouldn't dream of going against Hillary, and she is not at all prepared to deal with it. Look at how terribly she is handling Bernie's relatively civilized criticisms. Trump is going to air out every scrap of dirty laundry he can find on her. Stuff that's way over the line. Stuff like paying off Goldman Sachs employees in to breaking NDAs and going on record about what she said at her speeches. Digging up Bills accusers and putting them on stage. Bringing up bill and hillarys connection with Jeff Epstein. Airing out all her skeletons from the Whitewater and Watergate scandals, going to people who she paid off to keep quite and getting them on stage. A lot of people are going to eat that up.

He is going to bait Hillary. Now, Hillary is better than most at not getting her jimmies rustled, but I'm willing to get that if anybody can rustle her jimmies, it is Trump. That's what he does, and he might be one of the best of all time. If it happens, and Clinton loses her cool, its over. And she has absolutely nothing on Trump she can use. Anytime she calls him a racist, he just starts pulling out the thousands of minority employees whose livelihoods he is personally responsible for and whose brown children he is putting through college. Anytime she calls him a sexist, he pulls up a huge stream of women he has put in high up senior positions in his company. Anytime she calls him a meanie head to illegal immigrants, she just makes him look more alpha and like he's protecting America since most Americans agree with Trump on illegal immigration.

Remember what Trump did to Jeb, despite all his money and connections? Hillary will also be turned into A MESS

Expect the most tremendous schlonging we have ever seen.

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