I found a break up draft on my girlfriends phone. How should I handle it? Should I be worried?

You are enabling this guy to have a toxic mindset.

OP- honestly, before you listen to this guy just take a look at his post history and you’ll see that this 30 y/o can’t give advice for a successful relationship. If you want to DM me on some tips and tricks on how to deal with this break up in a healthy way while still preserving the friendship/relationship you had- I would love to discuss that with you. I’m sorry if I came off as aggressive, it’s just not a healthy mindset. Good luck, OP. And I hope you change your mind after you heal to realize this girl probably needs you now more than ever. She’s not breaking up with you because you’re the problem, she’s doing it because of all the shit she’s going through aside from your relationship.

I’m done arguing here though and I really do wish the best for you. Take your time. Again, DMs are open.

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