Found a cool Ghibli crossover comic

Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke collide while getting to school as per usual anime trope. Ashitaka is a transfer student and Lady Eboshi assigns him to the seat next to San. Also present is No-Face, Haku, Muska, and Haru. Muska obsesses over the crystal but gets blinded.

San's wolf does not get along with Yakul. You can see Tombo's bike as well. Pazu and Sheeta are being super cute.

I don't know what reference the clock is, if anyone could elucidate, that would be great.

A Totoro dropped his lunch, so Ashitaka gave his lunch to the Totoro.

You can see a Laputa robot flying in the background.

San noticed Ashitaka's kindness and gave him her lunch. Her lunch references the time when San fed Ashitaka when he was wounded. The way she handed him her lunch could be a reference when Kanta gave Satsuki his umbrella.

You can see Dola's flying contraption as Kiki and Tombo leave.

Page 2:

Ashitaka is playing soccer! You can see No-Face, Haru, Nausicaa, and Arrietty cheering. Witch of the Waste's minion is also playing. I can't identify the two other boys, but I think the blue-haired one is Sho. The chick from Spirited Away is on the defending team I think.

Muska says, "Come at me!"

Ashitaka uses his special kick. Muska blocks with Laputa's lightning. Haru, Nausicaa, and Arrietty use the spell of destruction, destroying Laputa and blinding Muska.

San cheers for Ashitaka but is embarrassed when he's noticed. Teto and Therru are also present.

The Porco Rosso pirates and Dolan's pirates try to recruit Ashitaka to their team. They rip their shirts like the scuffle in Castle in the Sky. Ashitaka ends up joining Totoro's team.


Princess Kushana and Lady Eboshi talk about relationships. They dote over a picture of Sosuke and spot Porco and Fio together. I think they're jealous, but for some reason there's an explosion sound effect.

Dolan pirates and Porco Rosso pirates have gotten beers together at the Yamada's restaurant it looks like. One of them orders a baru beer, which sounds like the spell of destruction, blinding Muska again.

Page 3:

Nausicaa and Ashitaka crash into each other. You can see Ponyo's dad dropping her off at school.

Nausicaa is now in Ashitaka's class and sits next to him. Shizuku and Seiji from Whisper of the Heart are there, along with a woman from Iron Town, a Dolan pirate, Arietty, Chihiro, and the duck.

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