She found a copy of the government’s covid plan on the internet

I honestly hope this is a troll, and if it is, it’s a damn good one. but, if it’s not, then it may be time for a grippy sock vacation. If you have to try and convince everyone that the rest of the world that the government doing it’s sole job of making choices that benefit the whole is wrong and the 2% of y’all who actually believe that is correct, then you may be the one being controlled by anyone who stands to profit from most of the people under 40 in the country being saddled with student debt.

Cancellation of debt would make everyone less dependent on the government, since we wouldn’t be under their contracted thumb for a monthly payment. Once debts are cancelled, a lot of people will have more money, and with more money they may not be at as much risk of needing government assistance for food or housing. But yeah sure, authoritarianism and stuff

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