Found it on r/tinder

How am I an entitled douche? I just said I'd rather be called a bitch and have 99+ options.

Oh and lol at “Prince Charming” as if you are just barely below the threshold of perfection and women are being unreasonably picky.

No, I'm referring to a study where the vast majority of women go for the top 5% and don't settle for less whilst men tend to be less picky, that's why I said Prince Charming.

In reality you likely don’t pass the minimum standard for being a slightly better option than staying single for most women, or the kind of women you want to date. Work on yourself.

Nah, I once literally right swiped on everything and got 0 matches. I know I'm not the best looking but holy shit that's rough. That's why I said "5/10 fat butterfaces", even those only right swipe on 10/10s. So don't bullshit me.

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