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Yeah, no, I think it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Poor family, shit job, can’t pay the bills to keep the lights on, and your work springs a drug test on you the hour before your shift? So your option is to lose your job for smoking marijuana, or ask your kid to piss clean for you so that you can continue to (barely) make ends meet. In this situation, can you even spare the money to pay someone for clean piss? Do you even know anyone with clean piss?

I know from experience a 6 year old can understand what a parent losing a job can mean, and I know that I was able to understand exactly what I was doing.

This screen grab doesn’t have nearly enough context to judge, and even if it did, odds are that the kids would be in a worse spot if their parent failed the drug test. Parole? Back to jail. Probation? More fines and more probation, or potentially jail. Drug test for a job? No more job.

Exercise empathy. You can’t judge someone’s entire worth based on some shit like this.

For me? I was happy to do that for my family. Even at 6 years old and even younger.

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