Found out my dad cheated on my mom

I know this feeling. Two years ago I found out I had a half sister that is older than me by a year. My dad was cheating on my mom when she was pregnant with me. My dad now has 7 kids while my mom has 6. She decided to forgive my dad since she wouldn’t have been able to raise 6 kids on her own. My dad didn’t want to be with the other lady because she had 5 kids including my half sister, all from different men. My dad couldn’t see himself raising someone else’s kids so he stayed with my mom and broke it off with the lady. Lady was spiteful and sent her brother and nephew to beat up my dad when he called it off. They took a bat and broke many bones in my Dad face. Till this day I think they were trying to kill him and sometimes I wish they did. My dad ended up getting surgery on his face and now doesn’t look the same. I was about 5 years old when this happened because I remember visiting him in the hospital and crying saying “that’s not my dad” to my mom. They told me he was in a car accident, it wasn’t till I found out about my half sister my mom finally told me everything when I confronted her about it. My mom stayed with my dad and let him cheat on her! She had this mentality of “as long as he comes home to me.” I’m angry at my father for putting my mom through this but I am also angry at my mom for being his doormat. She gives me relationship advice sometimes and it’s just her telling me to be a door mat. “You should stay quite and not say anything, you look pretty that way” anyways, I still haven’t met my half sister I found her on Facebook and chatted with her and she’s just like her mother, already has 2 kids with 2 different men and only messages my father for money.

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