Found out my girlfriend’s ex had a huge shlong

I promise you a penis that’s 10+ inches would satisfy no one, I’d be surprised if they ever actually had sex. Pretty sure the worlds largest man (who had a DISEASE btw) had a 12 inch penis and he was never able to have vaginal sex because doctors concluded he would injure and possibly kill the woman. He could have anal sex though lmao.

My point is you need to take a breath, chillax a lil. First, it’s literally impossible his penis is that large unless he has a horrifying disease that also means he’ll never get laid. You should not be jealous of a person with a penis that large lol. Second, you have to have seen the millions of people in the comments pointing out that size literally doesn’t matter, penetration, especially deeper penetration, does not equal satisfaction. The largest penis I ever saw (including porn) was my first boyfriend and he literally never made me orgasm once because he didn’t know how to find a clit lmao. That’s seriously all you need. My current partner is actually a little under average length-wise and I’m way WAY happier with him (but our neighbors are not lol)

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