I found out that my wife has been partying until 5am and sleeping until 4pm when I’m away for work. We have two young kids.

This is called inference. Youre taking a small amount of information and making massive leaps in judgement. We dont know she doesnt want to be a parent. People think that you stop being an individual when you become a parent, you dont. She is obviously going through some stuff and handling it very poorly. Regret about experiences lost doesnt mean she doesnt want to be a parent, it means shes having an identity crisis between herself as a youthful woman and a young mother. There are literally so many resources and forms of therapy and counselling to deal with exactly this. Not everyones entire identity is being a mother and that mindset needs to stop. Just because shes a mother doesnt mean shell mever stuggle with her happiness again. Anyone who thinks that isnt mature enough to have children, because youre ill prepared for the realities of the multifaceted nature of human emotion.

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