Found this photograph on the sidewalk in Shinjuku. Can anyone tell me more about it?

I am pleased that you have changed your mind now, and decided to be morally responsible.

But I am baffled why you can admit you shouldn't keep it, but also completely deny the obvious fact that you took some persuading and you were trying to wriggle out of your moral duty at first... You literally tried to suggest it wasn't owned, when you were told to hand it in... Do you really think that is something you can claim wasn't an attempt to keep it? Talk about disingenuous cowardice.

Guess you want to try and portray yourself better than you really behaved.

You'd actually look better if you didn't try and dodge admitting you were trying to get out of handing it in at first.

Real moral responsibility isn't just making excuses and then denying as much wrongdoing as possible after the fact. It's taking responsibility.

If you had said you were wrong and you did want to keep it, and it was selfish, then I'd respect you.

Claiming that wasn't your intent makes me see what could have been first dismissed as a mistake.. Then looks like mild selfishness and now looks like you are a full on weasel of a person.

Good day, I hope you learn some integrity.

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