Found in video “Women, stop being promiscuous”. Also included gems like “women keep DNA from all the men they sleep with”

Yeah no, it’s still highly speculative. If you’d done any actual research you’d know that.

And you'd realize it's not all bullshit. The fact it's speculative doesn't exactly mean it's wrong or not worth shit.

Your point doesn’t stand just because you say so/wish it were so, and it is, in fact, a load of unfounded bullshit. Virginity is not valued in other animal species, it isn’t even universally valued in humans

This is what we call a straw-man argument. The point i was trying to make is that this form of reproductive behavior aids in a males ability to reproduce. If he knows he's the first one to fuck her he's more likely to pass on his genes. Male animals will fight over one female to be the FIRST to reproduce with her.

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