Found in the window of my very small, very red, upstate NY town hardware store.

Why do you colour regions?

Because our society is extremely polarized .

Why are politics like a cult to your country?

The country was literally founded by religious cultists too extreme for Europe. It’s not really surprising that only a few centuries later the descendants are still susceptible to cults. Moreover, social media has made populism and cults of personality more popular globally. Now combine that with a political system that is increasingly aligned with other fault lines in society.

A cult with only two beliefs?

First past the post winner take all elections mathematically tend toward an equilibrium with 2 parties. A larger multiparty system would first require electoral reform of some sort. Any reforms that require constitutional amendments are extremely difficult as the constitution is extremely difficult to amend by design.

Why isn‘t common sense something you base your opinion on?

Common sense isn’t so common. To quote the late George Carlin, “Think about how stupid the average person is. Now remember half of people are stupider than that.” Now combine that with an underfunded education system, a long running strain of anti intellectualism, and stigma against education in many areas.

Why aren’t there national rules for this?

Because much political/governmental/legal power rests in the states, such as with education.

Why don’t you believe in science or facts?

A significant segment of the population literally does not.

Not attacking you personally, but it’s just so hard to understand.

A large segment of the population is made up of religious fanatics, Fox News indoctrinated, and other uneducated cultists, and the exist in a system that was explicitly designed to be difficult to change. So the history of the country is half the country repeatedly trying to drag the other half into the modern age.

And all this doesn't even really get into how much the legacy of slavery continues to weigh down the country, which affects basically every issue in the country to some degree both directly and indirectly.

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