Why founder of FreeCodeCamp Quincy Larson is banned from this subreddit?

If what you're saying is that it doesn't matter because:

A) The cream will riese to the top anway due to voting and

B) Other people can submit good content too

Then I completely agree. In which case, other people can submit FCC content and if it's good it will rise to the top. Banning the founder =/= banning the topic.

Essentially that means whether or not this guy is banned has absolutely no impact on the quality of the content of the sub or the amount of (good) FCC content.

However, the main gripe in this thread seems to be based on a fear of exactly that: that this will somehow censor FCC. It won't.

Once you remove wider considerations about wheter FCC content should be on the sub as irrelevant, that leaves the only relevant basis for deciding whether this guy should be banned being his own conduct. Which actually makes the ban seem, if not warranted, then at least more reasonable/understandable

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