Four class action lawsuits over Cyberpunk’s troubled launch are combining

In fact, most people were understanding about the delays.

I mean, they really weren't though? I didn't follow the games development and still have a good recollection of people raging about delays, I even remember reading that they were receiving death threats due to postponing the release.

They decided to deceive players and investors and release the game broken and unfinished, just to rake in the juicy Christmas sales.

I didn't play it on console, put my playthrough on PC was fine, particularly after they plugged some issue that was causing FPS drop a few days in. As an outsider, who played the game on day one but didn't follow it, it all feels like a case of expectations vs reality in the sense that CDPR mislead people with marketing and left them disappointed. But objectively speaking, as someone who had no expectations I thought it was quite good.

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