Four day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland

Cannabis usage, possession and production is NOT decriminalized federally.

On paper, yes. In reality, possession is pretty much legalized federally. Nobody is getting arrested for just having marijuana in the states where it's legalized.

If you think federal status doesn't matter, relocate to a legal state if you aren't already in one, open a cannabis business

Like most people, my interaction with marijuana is as a user, not as a seller. So from my perspective, and from the perspective of most people in my state, marijuana is fully legal. Only if you're getting into the particulars of the business is something amiss. So don't try and tell me that's nothing, or that decriminalization doesn't exist. Let's talk about real experiences in the real world, not words on paper that translate to a meager amount of action most of us never see.

It 100% does, and as a country, we haven't done jack shit about it.

Yes. We. Have. We've done shit about the part we care about, the user end. The business end is still tied up in a decreasing amount of legal nonsense, but most people don't care because it's not a business we work in. If you're going to insist that I stop saying federal status doesn't matter, don't you tell me that the legalization and decriminalization that has already happened doesn't exist. You can't have it both ways.

they're still butchering it so only rich donors can profit off of it


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