Fox & Friend's circa 2007 railing against the evil that is Mr Rogers for "ruining an entire generation" (x-post from/r/videos). Classy stuff.

Kids should have to make the butter

This coming from a guy who seems like he's got an allergy to manual labor. He probably has other people fuck his wife for him because he doesn't want to risk breaking a sweat.

Kids should have to milk the cow

What cow? He clearly doesn't understand the basic economics and logistics involved in the owning and keeping of livestock, and has no concept of household finances.

Kids should have to knit sweaters.

I would love to watch that incompetent spoon try to knit a sweater. Why would anyone take parenting advice from a guy who looks like you shouldn't trust him around children.

The whole show feels like they're discussing their own shitty slash fiction about imposing what they think the 1800's were like onto the present.

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