Fox News "exposing" AOC

We were not eligible for state insurance. Idk about Obamacare. I didn't know if you applied for it or what. Either way we literally cannot afford to pay for health insurance at all. I have to take out extra student loans just to pay bills. I certainly cannot afford 250 a month. I cant afford 100 extra dollars a month. We are tapped out. I dont understand. Isn't state insurance supposed to be for those that cant afford insurance? I know single mothers in my nursing program that dont work and brag about all the benefits they get and how school was so much easier now that they didn't have to work. When we told our local office about me being in school full time in addition to working they said that counted against me. Is this some kind of discrimination against working class families? Why would my wife need to get pregnant in order to qualify for health insurance? Why would my student loans not count as applicable income for aid? Like I said I see where a lot of people are frustrated. The system doesn't want you to succeed. It wants you to stay at a low wage dead end job. It want you to be reliant on state and federal aid for the rest of your life. Why wouldn't someone pursuing an extremely in demand career qualify for aid? We are in the middle of a huge nursing shortage and basically they dont want to help poor people be able to go to school full time. Even if I took out the maximum I could for loans and Grant's it wouldn't even come close to covering my bills and that is with another full time worker and my part time wage. Do you know who supports these social programs? Democrats. What happens if I quit school and stay at a general labor job for the rest of my life. At 10 bucks an hour. Maybe I would qualify. What happens if I dont vote for a Democrat? Are those social programs going to go away. It seems to me that Democrats dont want poor people becoming wealthy because then they can become independent and they may lose votes because that nos not poor person isn't relying on their social programs. So they want to keep people down. It seems as though Republicans only care about wealthy people and dont want to tax the shit put of rich people because they will lose votes. Here I am stuck in the middle. So fuck AOC and Trump. It's all about the votes. Were is my fucking hand out. Some fat redneck in the woods or some hood rat in the ghetto keeps having a million kids and those people are less financially stressed out and have a full fridge but God forbid I try to better myself and the lives of others. The system is fucked. I want my fucking free insurance and food stamps. I contribute to society unlike these welfare queens. I'm tired of it.

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