[The FPS Review] NVIDIA Studio Driver vs. GeForce Game Ready Driver Performance

Thanks mate, I understand now from further research my need to use 10-bit in Adobe CC specifically was the sticking point on why I would need a workstation gpu to enable...

I guess I’m just curious what the Studio driver means... would one be able to buy a gaming/consumer GPU and still be able to run Photoshop/Indesign through a 10-bit 4K Display such as the $1k benq?

FYI, decade/long mac user here afraid to tear away from the cult. Their systems with Radeon Pro are able to do such things; but I’m trying to see what the equivalent needs would be for a (or content/video) pc build.

Ideally, I’d have a pc home workstation with the equivalent of a maxed out iMac, 64 gb memory, and a portable, Vega MacBook Pro able be run both to do color-grading and pre press through a 10-bit monitor.

WOW sorry not tryna hijack this thread for mY nEw WoRkStAtIoN but I feel my use case relate and I’m a newb/confused (´-`)

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