fr tho

Just because entertainment is your industry doesn't mean you should be forced to have your personal life thrust into the public eye

No.. thats exactly how it works. That's how it has always worked. Every job has a downside, this is being an entertainers downside.

Either way, you dont think carson wanted a little bit of backlash to be thrown to Fitz and kates way? He might have said that he shouldnt have said anything at all, but he did say something, and he was cheated on, he obviously is more depressed now, and is probably fumingly angry at them and probably deep down he wanted some form of retribution to go their way when he publicly revealed it, even though he backtracked later.

Im not saying death threats are excusable, or other things of the sort, but calling her a thot and cancelling her imo is more than okay when carson is the one who built her up in the first place.

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