Frame 394 (2016) - Story of Reddit's most commented GIF: An officer 'planting' a taser.

This comment will not be popular and will be downvoted heavily. Just saying that to get the satisfaction of calling it out before it happens.

I liked the documentary. I believe it showed two sides of a story pretty fairly, with some facts having been left out due to legal reasons which the OP mentioned in a few comments on here. Additionally, the production was well done.

With that said, I have some ad hominem directed at OP.

The OP, protagonist of this documentary, has a certain air about him that makes me distrust him. Most of it has to do with the darting eye contact and awkward moments, such as trying to establish neutrality through harsh statements like "I'm not opposed to switching sides again..." said to a man who is locked in solitary confinement. I legitimately get the feeling that this is a person who is more concerned about proving how clever they are, rather than fulfilling the overarching righteous goals and narrative he uses to coat his obsession of this case. You can get a hint of this when you see OP's face contort in disapproval as the lawyer mentions OP's lack of judiciary credentials prior to praising his technical expertise. When you aren't used to being criticized or put down (harshly, even), and you take it so personally as to frown during conversation, you are showing that you are less invested in the outcome of something bigger than yourself. Rather, you are more invested in how you appear to others based on the outcome of the event. In this scenario, it's the end result of this criminal case. For what it's worth, I don't believe he's doing this consciously. I've witnessed this type of behavior frequently in young technical people (much more so in academics than engineers).

Given all that said, the documentary was well produced and proficient in explaining the story. This is a story that is extremely unfortunate for both sides and everyone involved; nothing but despair, loss, and pain.

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