François Legault endorsed a book by a hardline conservative. Here's why that matters | CBC News

Matthieu Bock Cote is not a hardline conservative, he is a sociologist who say :

"A good society need two poles: Progressivism and Conservatism"...

The man advocates for a society that is based on a core culture around which everyone else can bring its own distinctiveness. It is called "Interculturalism" and it is a valid and democratic social system.

His "brand" of conservatism has little to do with the Conservative party and more to do with the desire to see the Quebec culture and language "conserved"...

He does not advocate gun rights, does not advocate corporative rights, does not advocate "self-reliance".... In fact he advocates for a more just society that takes care of its people while conserving its culture and language.

I do not agree fully with everything he says but he is ver far from being a "hardline Conservative", at least regarding the general understanding of what Conservatism is today.

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